broken_chobit's Journal

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Lookie! I've actually got user info now!
(Now I need new entries. Darn my excessive cleaning out everything on a whim ways!)

About me:
*Name's Heather
*20 years old
*Art/code monkey
*Considered to be a wee bit odd
*Video game junkie
*Rabbid anime/manga fangirl

People I know who'll show up in here:
*Ra= older sister best known for her ginormous bresticals.
*Coriss= best friend who’s my total opposite
*Jeremy= the boyfriend person. ♥ We’re really quite sickening together.
*Josh= friend to both me and Coriss from St. Louis
*JMarie= friend to both me and Ra who’s a Republican, redneck, fangirl. (Jason= her hubby)
*Leila= JMarie’s 16 month old daughter
*Andrew= guy friend who’s like my brother, but is actually JMarie’s brother
*Amber= friend who’s the most “interesting” person you’ll ever meet
*Sprinkles= friend who’s like my little sister that I’m over-protective of
*Angel/Little Bit= my kitties
*baby= my puppy