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one last go

Okies, after nearly a year of having to blog at *shudders* myspace, I had forgoten why I left lj. After attempting to start this one up again, I remembered how screwed up and buggy my account is. Hopefully it's working enough so people will actaully see this post. (It's my forth time posting this stupid message *eyetwitch*)

So yeah, I doubt anyone cares, but I made a new working (hopefully :op) journal at sailorzoisite Honestly, I don't care if anyone adds me or not at this point, but thought it'd be polite to inform.

I'ma leave this up for awhile before deleting this whole mean account.
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Today= gnar. It was one of those days when you wake up with the feeling that a lot of annoying little things are gonna happen. When I got up, there was no water. I didn't shower yesterday so I felt really skanky too, and I absolutely hate not being able to wash my face. *compulsive about it* So I was like "Screw it. I'm going to school in my PJs." Mom was home so she made me breakfast, which I usually put in a zip lock and eat it at later school, but I wasn't thinking and ate it before leaving. Yeah, I got pretty sick... ^^; And joy oh joy, I got one of my headaches. And my medication didn't so much work as it just made me really dizzy. So I skipped my next class and sat on a bench for an hour.

And then I went into the coputer lab to check my email, and the gift I had ordered from Jeremy was no longer in stock, was taken off the catalogue, and isn't avalible anywhere else including e-bay. And it wasn't just any gift. It was an Army of Darkness Ash plush with removeable chainsaw hand! 'Twas so perfect.

For some reason, whenever I'm at my skanky/bummiest, my natural pervert magnetism seems to double in strength. Yeah, I was sitting on a bench outside when perv came up behind me. One hand grabbed a boob the other went down my pants. I can usually handle this situation pretty calmly, but when his hand started moving I kinda-sorta-maybe completely snapped. Hope the bastard never wants kids. Anyway, I've been freaked out about it all day. And I didn't get to go get flip flops 'cause Ra didn't feel like going which isn't a big deal or anything, but it just sort of adds to the whole picture.

When I got home, there was water! But, there was laundry so I still had to wait for a shower which wasn't a big deal, but continues my story of skankdom. So I waited for it to finish and was about to call Jeremy to pick me up after I shower (I had plans to go to Julie's tonight), but Ra got all bitchy because she wanted me to stay home all night to watch one episode of South Park at 8:30. Plus, it's very important to Ra that I go see a movie I don't want to see instead of Numb3rs night 'cause it's the first day the theater’s reopened. And that somehow makes it different from any other day.

So yay, stuck in the house. Well, until Ra told me to get dressed and go to Wallmart with her. I got myself a pretty notebook, some pencils, and stopped at DQ for a Moolate thingy to feel better 'cause I was in a bad mood and my headache was still there. I've gotten really good at dealing with them, btw. I don't think they're that noticeable to anyone else anymore. ^_^ *proud* Julie and Jeremy where there. I was very happy get to see friends for awhile. ^_^ When we got back, dad was in the bathroom and not coming out any time soon so I just gave up and took a nap.

I woke up just in time for South Park. Yay! No headache anymore! Afterwards, Ra went in for a shower before bed when I was getting my stuff out so I had to wait for her. But my dad went to bed right afterwards. I can't take a shower without waking him. I was considering being mean and taking one anyway, but mom went to sleep as I was considering it, and I felt bad about waking them both. *feels really gross right now* If I don't get a shower tomorrow, someone dies.

At that point, I was pretty hungry 'cause I hadn't eaten anything other than breakfast which I don't think counts for much as it didn't stay put. So I made some mac & cheese. I got a tick just as I was straining the noodles. Half of my left hand was burnt and all my noodles were in the sink. Gurr... so now my skanky self is sitting here online eating ice cream in my kimono.

Nothing actually bad happened today, and I don't have any real problems or anything, so I shouldn't really be complaining, but sometimes it's just nice to vent out the little stuff. ^_^
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I'm so anti-social

Today was officially “Talk to People I Barely Know” day. I hate it when people I used to go to high school recognize me and think it’s a good idea to start up a conversation. It’s like “Hey! We never talked or associated with each other before this moment, but I sort of know who you are! I would like to awkwardly chat about other people you haven’t thought about in years until one of us realizes class started five minutes ago! So, how are you?” It’s not that I have anything against these people, but I just don’t know what they expect me to say.

You know what gets on my nerves, though? When these people are walking by and ask “How are you?” and continue walking. 1) They don’t care how I am so why bother in the first place? 2) I know they’re prolly busy, but how much time does this conversation take:
Person 1: “How are you?”
Person 2: “I’m fine. How are you?”
Person 1: “I’m fine”
Person 1 and/or 2: “That’s good./ Nice to see you again / See you later.”?
But, no. They keep walking, and now I’m the rude one because they’re halfway down the hall before I can say anything. Gurr…
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I'm bored and hyper and no one will play with me! ;_;

'Tis tragic
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Soooo bored

Lately, I've been writing in a private blog so I've done like nothing with this one. That is bad, especially since this one is paid and has my friends on it. ^^; So yeah, once again I'm doing the whole "delete everything, clean up friends/communities, make a new layout and pop back into lj world" thing.

So anyway, I figured out my next set of classes:

days time class
TTH 9:00-12:30 2D design
TTH 12:30-3:30 Drawing II
TTH 6:00-10:00 Marriage and Family*
W 6:00-10:00 Some dumb computer class**

*ubereasy social science credit
**gets me out of taking more math

I'm sad, though. I didn't prank a single person on April Fools. ;_; Damn it, I have a boyfriend and a preggo best friend now! I could have used both to my advantage had I rememberd what day it was. 'Tis tragic.

And here's a meme thing I said I repost:

Ask me a question about each of the following:
1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. LiveJournal
7. Other (open ended)
8. Anime
9. Writing
10. Online Friends
11. Movies
12. Television
13. Me Specifically
14. Random Stuff
And I'll give you the most honest answer I can.
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